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This site is dedicated to employers and their staff  embarking upon a career in business services, front line management, business sales or small business management.

What are you looking for in a registered training organisation (RTO)? AD1 Business Training College does the following:

  • Makes it a priority to understand your business and its complexities
  • Performs a training needs analysis
  • Presents a Training and Assessment Strategy on the welfare of the trainee and outcomes for the employer for approval before the Training Plan is signed
  • Maps work tasks,  job descriptions, policies and internal training to the qualification
  • Contextualises training to your site specific requirements
  • Allows flexibility in training time and delivery, to meet the needs of the employer and trainee
  • Allows the workplace supervisor to contribute to assessment
  • Ensures our trainers have current industry knowledge and experience including an understanding of emerging technology
  • Gives the employer the right of refusal of any trainer or assessor
  • Keeps a 3 way communication channel open between the trainee, employer and trainer
  • Discusses cost last after your training needs  are met and allowing for any government financial training incentives to factor into the equation
  • Provides testimonials
  • Guarantees training delivery meets training package requirements, and guarantees skill sets of all completing trainees are improved to agreed performance levels
  • Has a continuing professional development program for all RTO staff

Please contact AD1 Business Training College if this is of paramount importance to your business. CONTACT US tab above, OR E-mail: Phone: 0410 596 646 Fax: 02 8008 1658 Address: 44 Francis St Carlton, NSW 2218 _____________________________________________________________________________________

A few additional benefits of workplace traineeships:

  • Assists in staff retention – completing the traineeships.
  • Creates productivity and motivation for your staff making them a more valued team member
  • Competency rather than time based – can complete a Certificate III or IV in 10 – 12 months.


We recognise Employability Skills in our courses developing the full range of transferable skills, attitudes and behaviour required for successful participation in the workplace; We recognise prior learning (RPL) and offer the most inexpensive way to have your previous studies assessed.


AD1 Business Training College takes pride in the quality of courses and services delivered. We work within the National Vocational Traning and Education Regulator Act, July 2011 . We are registered by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) to deliver the following courses to students in the BSB07/ 10 Business Services Training Package:

  • BSB30110 Certificate III in Business;
  • BSB40407 Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • BSB40610 Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • BSB40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management


Business training college

  “What happens if I train my staff and they leave?” is the question.  “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?” is the reply. 

Business Students

Training Delivery and Outcomes for the trainee Training is based upon the trainee being able to demonstrate skills in the units of study. They involve attendance at workplace sessions and demonstration of practical skills in a work environment. At various times through the training, the trainee must undergo an assessment or test to show that you have learned skills or that you have enough knowledge on the subjects being taught. If you do not perform well enough in these assessments, then you may sit them again or elect to show how the knowledge is applied. Assessments are both written assessments and demonstration by you in front of an assessor. Training outcomes are described on each of the course brochures. At the successful completion of the training, you will be issued a Certificate or Statement of Attainment to show that you have successfully completed the whole course or elements of the course. Forms of EvidenceIn general, basic forms of skills evidence include:

  • Direct performance evidence: current or from an acceptable past period from-
    • extracted examples within the workplace;
    • natural observation in the workplace; and
    • simulations, including competency and skills tests, projects, assignments
  • Supplementary evidence, from:
    • oral and written questioning;
    • personal reports; and
    • witness testimony.

How will the trainee be assessed? Assessment may include the following methodologies:

  • RPL/ Credit Transfer;
  • Observation assessment;
  • Written assessment; or
  • Workplace project where appropriate.

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